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On the internet, many roommate ads, seeking only young women, offer low or even non-existent rent, in exchange for services. These are most often sexual. Brut shows you the hidden side of these offers.

To clear up any ambiguity one last time, service in kind is about sex. If you don’t like it or get stuck, it won’t do it.” Here’s what women can receive by responding to these ads. These roommate offers are advantageous at first glance, with a very low rent for a roommate. Behind this hides something else: the tenants share the room with the interested parties. “We can consider that this does not correspond to the legal requirement of decency, which imposes a minimum rental or shared rental area of ​​9 m2. So we can consider that the tenant must have his own space, with his own bed, with a system, possibly, of closing. Often, when we contact the advertiser, we realize that the advertiser is a little more talkative and will offer services with a sexual connotation”, explains Nadia Belaid, lawyer.

This type of request in exchange for housing is an illegal practice. “We can speak, for example, of sexual harassment, abuse of weakness, even prostitution or even pimping, and the penalties incurred can go up to 7 years in prison and a fine of 375,000 euros.”, specifies the lawyer. “I strongly encourage the victims to denounce them, even if there is not necessarily a contract, even if the proof is difficult to report. There are procedures to denounce this kind of practice, to engage the criminal liability of advertisers”, she concludes.

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