VIDEO. “Behind the scenes of the news”, episode 2: coverage of a trial



franceinfo has launched a new series of videos to highlight the information industry. Discover the second episode on the coverage of the Rédoine Faïd trial.

In the interest of transparency and education on media work, franceinfo is offering a new series immersing you behind the scenes of the radio editorial team. From reporters in the field, to the operation of Agence Radio France, through the different services and professions that make up the channel.

In this second episode, Mathilde Lemaire, journalist in the police-justice department of franceinfo, describes how the coverage of a trial takes place. She follows for franceinfo an assize trial, that of Rédoine Faïd, a repeat robber. Between security measures, monitoring of hearings, live broadcasts for the radio, Mathilde Lemaire reveals behind the scenes of her profession from the Paris courthouse!

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