VIDEO. At Hellfest, anti-sexual assault patrols


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On the occasion of Hellfest, which took place from June 16 to 27, 2022 in Clisson, 60 volunteers took turns to prevent sexual assault and gender-based violence. Brut spent a day with them.

“We’re doing this so that everyone has a good time and everyone is comfortable, in fact, and enjoys the festival to the fullest.”

The Hellfest was from June 16 to 27, 2022 in Clisson. And on the occasion of the Extreme Music Festival, 60 volunteers strolled to try to limit sexual and sexist assaults.

“Currently, we have two types of reports. The first are people who come to see us and tell us that they have been sexually touched at the level of the wall of water. And then, in front of the stages, where people take advantage of the girls being in front of the barriers, they are stuck and cannot leave.

In addition to these preventive raids, the organizers have also set up an application called “Safer”. “It allows a victim or a witness to identify a situation of sexual or gender-based violence.

“That way, we can take charge of the victim, put them aside, put them at ease, get them out of a situation that makes them uncomfortable.”, explains a volunteer.

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