VIDEO. After 50 days of mobilization, Nicolas finds his stolen dog, Bayou


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Here is the end of a long search of 50 days. This Wednesday, April 12, the kidnappers of Bayou were arrested in Sarcelles, by the police of Val-d’Oise. Brut followed this day of reunion between Nicolas, the master, and Bayou, his 6-year-old dog.

On February 21, Bayou was robbed during a walk in Montmartre. Nicolas, his master, then begins a long-term search to find the trace of his companion. Nearly 2,500 posters are then plastered on the walls of the capital to try to find him. At the same time, his file was closed without further action by the public prosecutor, only two days after it was opened and the filing of his complaint. But the mobilization of a strong community helped find Bayou.

A big mobilization

I just want to see it. This wait is endless”, explains Nicolas, turned upside down at the idea of ​​finding Bayou soon. On Wednesday, Nicolas is invited to go to the police station for a reunion he has been waiting for 50 days. If Bayou has been found, it is above all, for him, thanks to all this mobilization that has formed around this story. Wissam, friend of Nicolas, shares this opinion: “This mobilization on social networks has been a great help. It was a lady who was taking her RER, line H, who saw our dog, with two individuals at the Sarcelles Saint-Brice station, get off and who took their picture. The police were then called to the scene.”.

Shortly after, the police received a report from Edwin, a friend of Nicolas and resident of Sarcelles, who identified Bayou and his kidnappers. After the mobilization of the Val-d’Oise police officers on the spot, the thieves are arrested and Bayou, recovered.

A moving reunion

A little later in the day, Nicolas goes to the police station, to experience a moment that he has been waiting for for a month and a half: hugging his dog. For Cécile, representative of Ziggy Angels, an association also active during the research, “it’s always so many emotions, there are no words and it comforts us in the idea of ​​​​continuing”. For Nicholas,it is thanks to all the mobilization and the report of Brut” who have been “the key to everything”. It’s the end of a story but not of a fight for his friend Wissam: “This mobilization ended up paying off, but there are many people who are not helped like us. So the idea is to also use all this support to help those who haven’t necessarily had our luck.”.

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