VIDEO. A vegetable garden on its balcony in the middle of the city




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“I have 4 m2 on the balcony, which I really try to use as much as possible. In this apartment, I have plants everywhere, in every room. This space is more like a garden center than a bedroom.”

In Courbevoie, near Paris, Valéry grows more than sixty species of plants in his 36 m² one-bedroom apartment. For Brut, she explains.

“I was like all citizens, I liked plants but nothing more. It’s over time, over the years that it has become a passion.”

Tomatoes, celery, peppers, coriander… Valery harvests the crops from his balcony every day. “Either it’s going to be just aromatics, or it’s going to be multiple types of vegetables.”

“To embark on a gardening activity, you must ideally have a space. So either it can be a balcony or a simple window sill can do just fine.”

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