VIDEO. A new video of the song “Les amants d’un jour” by Edith Piaf, found 60 years later

Edith Piaf often sang it on stage, but there was no filmed record of it. A video of the famous song “Les amants d’un jour”, performed in 1959, was found in the INA archives and restored.



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Excerpt from the unreleased video of the title "Lovers for a day"sung on stage by Edith Piaf, in 1959. (INA)

“It’s a treasure we share.” L’The National Audiovisual Institute (INA) unveiled on Thursday September 28 a never-before-seen recording of one of Edith Piaf’s most famous songs, “Les amants d’un jour”. “Me, I wipe the glasses at the back of the café. I have too much to do to be able to dream”, La Môme sings on stage, while wiping a glass herself. The video recording dates from 1959, four years before his death.

The video was found in the reserves preserved by the INA in Saint-Rémy-l’Honoré, in Yvelines. In total, 35 minutes of previously unseen images resurfaced from the archives. It is videos filmed to illustrate a program, the news magazine of the first television channel, Five columns in the headlines. Found in avery degraded condition with numerous cuts in the film, and loss of sound and image on several sequences”the film was restored by the INA.

In the song Lovers for a day, Édith Piaf actually sings a dark story, that of a couple who have just committed suicide in a hotel room. The lyrics are written from the point of view of the hotel bar attendant, who witnesses the couple’s final moments. This title, released in 1956, appears on the B side of the 45 rpm Suddenly a valley, and was set to music by Marguerite Monnot, the singer’s faithful composer.

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