Victim of harassment in the castle? Anisha finally breaks the silence!

Last Saturday, after 6 weeks of competition in the star Academy of TF1, it was Anisha who won the 10th season, beating finalists Enola, Louis and Léa. With 57% of the vote, the budding singer won €100,000 and the guarantee of signing an album with Sony. She leaves the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, where it was said during the competition that she had been harassed and abused. In an interview given to Parisian, this November 28, Anisha breaks the silence, and speaks in particular on these rumors.

“A girl from the shadows”, aintroverted, a bit lonely

She admits that participating in the star Academyit was “get out of [sa] comfort zone” and that at the start, she was not “not sure about doing the show“, when the production discovered her. Aged 22, Anisha knows about herself that she is both “a girl from the shadows”, aintroverted, a bit lonely“. In fact, arriving suddenly in the light and living in community for more than a month, constantly filmed by cameras, frightened him.

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The young woman of Malagasy origin even assures “it was like jumping off a cliff not knowing if i was going to be able to swim“, but also admits: “I felt I needed that little slap”. And obviously, when she arrived in the competition, her old habits had a hard time. Describing himself as “a small bird”Anisha assures: “in life, I’m in my room a lot, I need these moments to recharge my batteries”.

“I also like the human, the sociability”

And that’s what she did, as we could see in the daily, on the first channel. On screen, she was “in [son] corner”at times, of course, but we have it “also seen laughing” she assures. And to conclude: “I also like the human, the sociability”, citing in particular the names of her friends at the castle: Ahcène, Stan or Julien, who supported her.


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