very tense atmosphere at the Agricultural Show, big clash with Jeremstar

We remember Julien as pedantic, discourteous, and not really friendly… And obviously, the farmer has not changed ! In numerous stories that he published on Snapchat, Jeremstar, present at the Agricultural Show this Saturday, revealed his very electric meeting with the farmer from the last season of
Love is in the meadow
. The man had alienated many viewers due to his behavior cyclothymic, temperamental and authoritarian. His behavior towards these two suitors had offended many fans of the show. Six months after the end of the show, Julien does not seem to have learned from his mistakes, and his behavior seems to have remained the same.

Indeed, while Jeremstar was overjoyed to meet him, This was clearly not reciprocal.. Mathieu, a farmer from a previous season, present alongside Jeremstar with whom he had formed a wonderful friendship, tried to bring the two men together, but Julien was far from enthusiastic. He immediately sent a huge shock to the shocked influencer: “He blew me away! No, but who does he think he is? I’m dreaming! This new generation of farmers… They’ve taken the melon” the thirty-year-old was offended.

“Take some seed!”

A few minutes later, Jeremstar and Julien crossed paths again. But while Jeremstar thought about splitting the farmer’s armor, and chatting cordially with the latter, Julien remained his usual self, and sent him to pasture with a violence for which the videographer was not prepared. Annoyed by the “sweetheart” that Jeremstar addressed to him, the farmer was immediately insulting: “Already, my dear, she’s telling you shit”. And to continue, putting the young man on trial: “I make a lot of videos on (Instagram) too, it’s not with as high a degree (of eccentricity) as yours. It’s much more natural, and I think it comes across better. Take some seed !” shot the farmer before running away.

Shocked, stunned, hilarious, Jeremstar remained silent in the face of the farmer’s gratuitous attacks, to which he had no time to respond. Faced with his millions of subscribers, he nevertheless wanted to respond, believing that he was the victim of gratuitous and unreasoned attacks: “It’s a joke, I’m getting advice, no, but this kitty isn’t cheeky (…) I think he must be confusing me, it’s no more natural than ever! I didn’t expect it, he has the right to think what he wants but he shot me with live ammunition. That made me laugh. But this boil doesn’t lack air. I’m hilarious! If I’m not natural, the world is upside down!”

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