“Very pissed off”, Eddy Mitchell gives a new interview about Johnny and reveals what the Taulier stole from his back!

Friends for very long years, nothing left to think that they were going to consider each other as “brothers”. Indeed, between Eddy Mitchell and Johnny Hallyday, the beginning of their relationship was quite complicated as revealed by the interpreter of On the road to Memphis in the columns of Sunday newspaper this Sunday, July 31.

But before talking about their amazing first meeting, the rocker confided in his special bond with the ex-companion of Laeticia Hallyday with whom he had a friendship almost 60 years old. “I was lucky to have a friend with whom I shared 59 years of friendship. I imagine that this kind of relationship is quite rare regardless of the profession exercised and the background of each”he starts before making a strange confidence: “This link goes back to our tender adolescence towards the end of the 1950s and yet it started badly”.

The slap of friendship

In order not to keep anything secret, Eddy Mitchell gave the reasons for this complicated beginning of friendship by immersing himself in his memories: “Invited to a surprise party, near the Place de la Trinité, where everyone is asked to bring their records, I take with me some precious 45-rpm, carefully sorted”. Only problem, and not the least, the discs in question disappeared because someone stole them from him: “Very upset, I run down the stairs of the building, thinking maybe I saw my thief running”.

A realization that served him well, the friend of Jade and Joy Hallyday’s father manages to come across the thug, loot under his arm: “Immediately I throw myself on my belongings and slap (well deserved) my pilferer”. A pilferer who was none other than the Taulier who would not have failed to apologize after having had his suspenders pulled up. “He profusely apologizes and goes on to say that he is also a rock & roll fan, which is far from common at this time”remembers Eddy Mitchell who specifies that this story allowed them to forge very strong ties, allowing them to become “close to close. Godfather of my daughter Pamela and I of his, Laura, I have always considered Johnny as a member of my family and I often think of him”.

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