Véronique jealous of Charles’ own son? The farmer makes a shocking revelation

Catastrophic season for the 18th of Love is in the meadow. Indeed, Karine Le Marchand

did not hide it this Tuesday, November 21, 2023 the day after the review of the season. The host recognized the failure of the edition via her Instagram account, blaming the responsibility for this failure on the couples who were torn apart. Apart from Patrice and Justine, everyone decided to continue their paths alone. Even Charles and Véronique, who seemed to get along wonderfully, went their separate ways.

Despite their many intimate moments and a ring given by the farmer to his muse during their stay in Finland, everything suggested that their love would last… but that is not the case. This Monday, November 20, it is alone that Charles appeared in front of Karine Le Marchand. Surprised by the situation, the host asked her: “But where is Véronique?” To which the main interested party replied: “She left. She came home. She came to live for almost a month and a half.”

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Véronique too jealous according to Charles

The reason for this breakup? According to her ex-partner, excessive jealousy on the part of Véronique, even during the exchange of messages with her own son. “I was sending messages to my son Théo, who was not well, and she gave me a fit of jealousy because allegedly I was sending messages to my ex-wife”he initially regretted, then adding: “So I picked up the phone and I told him, ‘This is my son, my son will always come before you.'”

In the end, it was last July 14 that “everything blew up.” “I had taken so much that it all came out. I remained polite because I thought I was going to open her eyes by telling her that. But on the morning of the 15th, she told me, ‘I’ go.”Now, we will have to wait for Véronique’s version to judge the veracity of the farmer’s comments.


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