“V2O Marine” recovers waste at sea

All summer, in “It’s my job”, portraits of companies that are committed to the ecological transition. Tuesday, July 25 the portrait of Rémi Allain, who has developed a new kind of sea pollution control system.


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A plastic bag floats in the waters of the Indian Ocean.  (OLIVIER MORIN / AFP)

A sail to collect waste: this is the challenge launched by the start-up V2O Marine. The rubbish is picked up by the system called MPS, a submerged sail, towed by a boat and kept afloat by buoys, and invented by naval architect engineer Rémi Allain. “These are systems that work a bit like large sails and are towed by boats. In fact, it works like a large floating funnel that will collect all types of maritime pollution, whether hydrocarbons, plastics, macro-waste or toxic algae”, explains Rémi Allain, who developed this concept.

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He was very interested in pollution control systems, but all had the same weakness. “I realized that there were a lot of very interesting solutions, including clearance vessels that had coverage at the front, but a narrow opening, which went from two to four meters. And I thought how we can increase their efficiency, allow them to clean much larger areas, in the same given time, ” suggests Rémi Allain.

Hence the idea of ​​MPS, this floating sail. It is towed by a first boat, and it sends the waste to the second boat, the one whose opening is quite narrow, until it is full. Rémi Allain and his company V2O Marine currently operate in ports, including that of Marseille.

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