“Unfortunately…”, Miss Guyana, guest of “TPMP” tells the whole truth about her relationship with Ève Gilles, Miss France 2024

A 94th edition which will remain in people’s minds. This Saturday, December 16, 2023, at the Zénith in Dijon, a new Miss France was elected. This is Miss Nord-Pas-de-Calais, Eve Gilles

. A beauty queen who caused a strong reaction, particularly for her haircut. Indeed, her short hair was much more talked about than her resplendent beauty. But this way of styling her hair has also earned her a lot of criticism from detractors on social networks.

Many viewers expressed their disappointment at the announcement of the winner of the 94th Miss France competition. Indeed, some would have preferred Audrey Ho-Wen-Tsaï to be crowned. Miss Guyana lost to Eve Gilles and “only” obtained the title of First Runner-up. Despite this “defeat”, she insisted on defending Miss France 2024 during her appearance on TPMP this Monday, December 18, 2023.

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The words exchanged between Eve Gilles and Audrey Ho-Wen-Tsaï

“I had quite positive feedback on social networks but it’s true that for Eve, it’s horrible. So I’m taking advantage of my time in TPMP to ask people to stop because if it were you, I think you really wouldn’t like to be insultedshe defended before continuing: “I think all this harassment is unnecessary.”

After calling for calm, Miss Guyana was questioned by Cyril Hanouna about the words she exchanged with Eve Gilles a few seconds before the final result. “What did you say to each other when you were face to face?”asked the host of TPMPbefore the main interested party responds: “We were trying to lighten the mood because it’s true that it’s quite a stressful few minutes. We both wanted the crown, we worked hard for it. Unfortunately there can only be one winner and She was the one who got the crown and I’m very proud of it.”. Audrey Ho-Wen-Tsaï indicates that faced with Eve Gillesshe let him know what she “thought of her”. “That during this adventure, how I saw her, that she was a beautiful person with a good background”she concluded.


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