UN reports ‘large number of gunshot wounds’

Dozens of injured people were treated at al-Chifa hospital in Gaza. Among “the living patients who were being treated, there were a large number of gunshot wounds,” a UN spokesperson announced on Friday.



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Palestinians move the body of a person killed during a humanitarian aid distribution in Gaza City, February 29, 2024. (AFP)

A UN team visiting the al-Chifa hospital in Gaza, which received dozens of injured people after the tragedy that left more than 110 dead during a distribution of humanitarian aid, saw “a large number of gunshot wounds”, announced a UN spokesperson on Friday March 1. Staff from the UN humanitarian office (OCHA), the World Health Organization (WHO) and UNICEF spent just over two hours at this hospital in Gaza City, bringing medicine and fuel .

“Al-Chifa hospital reportedly admitted more than 700 people injured yesterday, of which 200 are still hospitalized, and at the time of this visit, hospital staff told them they had received the bodies of 70 people killed yesterday” after the chaos during the distribution of aid, explained Stéphane Dujarric, spokesperson for the UN secretary general. Asked about the causes of the deaths, he said he did not know whether team members had examined the bodies. According to what they saw nevertheless, among “living patients who were being treated, there were a large number of gunshot wounds”he stressed.

Israel speaks of “limited fire” and “a stampede”

On Thursday, witnesses said Israeli soldiers fired on a hungry crowd rushing toward humanitarian aid trucks in Gaza City. The death toll is 115 dead and around 760 injured, according to the Hamas Ministry of Health. An unverifiable assessment due to the lack of an independent source on site.

An Israeli army official confirmed “limited shots” of soldiers who felt “threat”, and mentioned “a stampede during which dozens of residents were killed and injured, some run over by aid trucks”.

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