Ultra discreet Karine Ferri unveils her latest project to compete with “Emily in Paris”

On May 3, 2023, Karine Ferri gave birth to her 3rd child, a little girl named Sasha, who joins Maël and Claudia, her big brother and sister, within the Gourcuff family. An active mother, she still continues to present Loto on TF1, docs in prime time on TFX and on Sunday afternoons on TF1, as well as Chroniques culturelle and The Voice Kids. And her moments in Paris, far from her family, she knows how to make the most of them!

“I looooove this moment so ‘Karine in Paris’”

So, this February 13, 2024, after a visit to Biondini, a Parisian boutique where she is accustomed, Karine Ferri left with lovely red pumps on her feet. And she visited her friends at APM Monaco, whose jewelry she wears. The lovely brunette declared on the Web, under a promotional video filmed in a brand store: “I loooooove this moment so ‘Karine in Paris’!!!!!! And besides, I have a big crush on the ‘Valentin’ collection from APM Monaco, what about you? Let me know darlings.”

Before returning to Brittany to reunite with her husband, Yoann Gourcuff and their children, Karine Ferri is making the most of it. She also treated herself to a little visit to Franck Provost just to get back on top with her man, for Valentine’s Day, this February 14, 2024. In the columns of TV Star, she explained, in 2023: “
When I am in Brittany, I am a mother above all. I devote all my time to my children and my husband.”

“I can measure my luck in having married a Breton

And to add: “But it’s true that it’s a magical region with a very spiritual history. They are very knowledgeable about the stones and the energies they can provide, and I really like that. But my connection with the region is is yet another story. We live very happily there, and I can measure my luck in having married a Breton“. Adorable.


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