‘Two days I haven’t had any alcohol’: Benoît Paire confides in his depression and the demons that haunt him

The career ofBenoit Pair is made up and down and the 33-year-old is one of those players who can unpin any moment of a match. Like a Nick Kyrgios, the native of Avignon has lost his nerve several times in a match and lately, his morale does not really seem to be in good shape. While he had started the year rather well on the side of Melbourne during the Australian Open, the latter has experienced a real crossing of the desert in recent weeks. To the point where he recently announced that he was taking a break from tennis for a while.

Benoît Paire rarely hides when things are not going well and a few days ago, Julie Bertin’s companion shot a video for the media Raw where he confides in his current problems and in particular his depression. “What is needed is to manage to find the happy medium, to also party, but also to be serious and to prepare well for the tournaments. This is what I have a little more trouble doing at the moment. That’s why I’m going to start from scratch“, he reveals before making a surprising confession: “It’s been two days since I drank alcohol, I’m in full treatment“.

It’s difficult because I don’t necessarily feel happy in my life, because tennis is complicated

Visibly affected physically, but especially mentally, Benoît Paire is in any case trying to get back on track, but there is still a long way to go. “I take pleasure when I go to train, when I play with my friends, but coming to a tennis match right now…“, indicates the tennis player, before continuing: “As soon as I am stressed, I get anxious and I panic. It’s difficult because I don’t necessarily feel happy in my life, because tennis is complicated.

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