TRUE OR FALSE. Are bedbugs as present in homes as the media?


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From television to social media, bedbugs are everywhere. Is it a psychosis, or a real proliferation of the insect?

It’s a little beast that, in recent days, has been getting a lot of attention. The scourge of bedbugs, an omnipresent phenomenon in the media, is also flooding social networks. The images prompted transport companies and the government to react. Clément Beaune, the Minister of Transport, speaks of a “ten reports to the RATP“, who have “all been checked“, and of “zero proven cases“, just like at the SNCF.

Checks by a parasitologist

A parasitologist, Dr. Arezki Izri, was consulted. “The shape, the way of moving, the color. That’s a bedbug“, he says when faced with an image. But of the eight images he viewed, only two are identified as bedbugs. The panic therefore also seems to be fueled by fake news. It is felt by professionals disinfection. Some are overwhelmed by demands, and often, for little. However, professionals have observed an increase in interventions for several years.

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