TRUE OR FAKE. Is the energy performance diagnosis a reliable tool?



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Before the sale of a property, the realization of an energy performance diagnosis (DPE) is mandatory. Only, is the DPE a reliable tool? Response elements.

The energy performance diagnosis (DPE) makes it possible to classify dwellings that consume more or less energy. However, this system is often decried, especially on social networks. A cybernaut believes that “ECD is still not a reliable tool”. What about? Régis Andrieux, a real estate diagnostician, analyzes an apartment in the center of Paris. To do this, it calculates the area of ​​the property and the number of windows. It is also necessary to inform the nature of the heating and the quality of the insulation of the walls. After 45 minutes of analysis, the result falls.

A lack of information

Is the ECD reliable? These diagnoses can be singled out for their failures. “With plans made available […]the probability of an error is greatly reduced”, assures Régis Andrieux. Virginie Potiron, legal advisor for the magazine 60 million consumersaffirm that “approach” by Régis Andrieux is “the maid”. In a test carried out by the magazine on several homes, almost a third of the DPEs were inaccurate. Virginie Potiron indicates that there are in particular “energy class errors”. The association “UFC que Choisir” had carried out a similar survey, to reach the same conclusions.

Ultimately, it is difficult to decide on the general reliability of the DPE. Errors on the part of the diagnostician are possible, but can also be linked to a lack of information. If he does not have in his possession all the technical characteristics of the house, the chances of errors are necessarily higher.

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