True Detective: Night Country | Jodie Foster, heroine on the small screen

(Paris) Cinema is “my whole life”: icon of Hollywood, the LGBT+ community and the emancipation of women, American actress and director Jodie Foster, starring in season 4 of True Detectivehowever, has led his career by rarely invoking his opinions.

The two-time Oscar-winning actress says little about anything other than her work. While in Paris this week, she agreed to speak briefly about current affairs (#metoo, the American elections) on France Inter, noting that she was asked “a lot of political questions”.

“I never wanted to be someone who talks about politics,” explains to AFP, in perfect French, the 61-year-old actress, who comes out of her reserve with a homeopathic dose, to criticize Donald Trump or qualify Generation Z as “annoying”.

“The thing that interested me the most was making films. All my life, that’s all I wanted to do,” insists the one who also directed Money Monster (2016), a scathing charge against finance and the media in the United States, and “hopes to return behind the camera”.

Launched into a world star at age 12, with her role as a child prostitute in Taxi Driver (1976), Jodie Foster built a barrier around her private life.

“If you had been a public figure since your early childhood, if you had had to fight to have a normal life, perhaps you would also preserve your private life above all else,” she explained during the ceremony. Golden Globes in 2013, where she made her coming out.

“On the small screen”


Jodie Foster plays a police officer investigating the disappearance of scientists in Alaska a few days before Christmas.

His reserve also prevails during filming. “With Jodie, you explain where the character comes from and she understands, she doesn’t need to talk about her emotions,” Issa López, director of True Detective – Night Country (HBO series broadcast on Prime Video).

“Fan” of the first season, Jodie Foster claims to have said yes “right away” to Issa López. “I haven’t done a TV series since the 70s. It’s all new to me as an actress, although I work in the streaming as a director,” she explains.

“That’s really where narrative projects are done now. The most interesting things are on the small screen,” says the actress, nominated for an Oscar and a Golden Globe for best supporting role in Unsinkableproduced by Netflix.

For his on-screen partner in True DetectiveKali Reis, Jodie Foster was “a mentor.”

The boxer turned actress considers herself lucky to have seen the “legend […] play on its territory. It’s everything for her, she’s been doing this since she was three,” recalls Reis, 37, for whom this is only her second role.

Both play police officers investigating the disappearance of scientists in Alaska a few days before Christmas, when the night is permanent. “They are two women who live in a man’s world. Because the police are a man’s world,” notes Jodie Foster.

This fourth season is intended to be “a reflection” of the first, with Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson, in 2014, specifies the unforgettable FBI agent of Silence of the Lambs (1991).

“The two boys, it was Louisiana: it’s hot, everyone is sweating… It’s the clarity of this brutal light. And with us, it was quite the opposite: two women, in the dark, in the cold, in the depths of the world.”

A successful formula since this season is the most watched of the series, with 2.7 million spectators worldwide for the 5e and penultimate episode Saturday, according to audience measurements from the Nielsen Company and Warner Bros. Discovery.

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