Tributes are pouring in from all sides following the death of producer Pierre Paquet in tragic circumstances

Tributes were numerous on Thursday following the death of producer Pierre Paquet, 70, who died in tragic circumstances earlier this week at Les Éboulements during a coast-to-coast excursion that went wrong.

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Both in his business relations and in his circle of friends, Pierre Paquet will have marked many people.

During the accident which occurred last Tuesday, Mr. Paquet was accompanied by photographer Marc Dussault, who survived, but who is hospitalized for multiple fractures. Mr. Dussault told the Log that he remembered every moment, but that he didn’t feel ready to talk about it yet.

Actress and host Danielle Ouimet was very saddened by the loss of her faithful friend.

“He was such a smiley guy. I never saw him complain,” she said.

Mme Ouimet keeps lasting memories of his outings on the river aboard Mr. Paquet’s boat, especially on the actress’ birthday, an occasion he never failed to highlight.

“He was even thinking about the cake. We had fun all day,” recalls the actress.

Recently, Mr. Paquet had called her to invite her to the land he had acquired at Les Éboulements.

“He told me ‘I have a beautiful buggies. We’re going to go around my domain, it’s big. We’re gonna have fun. You’ll see how fun this thing is.” […] He was very responsible because he had a son he adored,” she added.

The Little House On The Prairie

The former CEO of Imavision achieved success by acquiring the rights to publish and distribute series on VHS and DVD, such as The Little House On The Prairie, The little life or The beautiful stories of the pays d’en hautto name a few.

In a changing industry, Imavision was forced to declare bankruptcy in 2014.

“He was a very sensitive and a colorful being. Pierre is someone who lived his life intensely and who was curious,” described his sister, Christiane Paquet.

“I am losing a friend and a member of my family. I will miss our conversations. He was an extremely generous person, ”testified Sonia Gagnon, ex-spouse of the producer, with whom she had remained on good terms.

“He marked a lot of people in his path. He was someone unique,” ​​said his son, Pier-Olivier, visibly very shaken by this heavy loss.

Back to basics

“Pierre was an engine guy. He raced on ice at the Carnaval de Québec. He was a skilled pilot. […] He was always up for it, but he was always very careful. That’s why we don’t understand what happened,” said Jean Brouillard, a longtime friend.

A native of Quebec, the producer was returning to his roots after a long career in the metropolis. Indeed, according to his close friend, Jocelyn Morency, he had returned to live in Quebec at the end of the winter.

He and Jocelyn Morency were like two fingers in the hand. Mr. Morency saw him for the last time on the day of the accident.

“He stopped with us before leaving for a few days in his haven of peace.”

“Pierre is a monument. He achieved several accomplishments. He won Gemini. He was a jovial and open person in front of everyone. […] We lose a big one, ”said Mr. Morency.

A coroner’s inquest will be conducted to shed light on the causes and circumstances of death. The details on the tribute that will be paid to him will be known later.

Whatthey said…

“It is a sad accident that was not created by a clumsiness. The earth began to slide and once it left, it tumbled down non-stop.

– Jocelyn Morency, longtime friend

“I’m overwhelmed because I had to go see him and I didn’t go. I bitterly regret it. He was preparing for a pleasant retirement and he will not be able to enjoy it. It’s appalling. He worked very hard all his life.”

– Danielle Ouimet, host and actress

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