tribute to singer Jean-Louis Murat, one year after his death

An exceptional concert in Clermont-Ferrand will notably bring together singers JP Nataf, Alex Beaupain and Jeanne Cherhal, as well as writer Éric Reinhardt and director Laetitia Masson.

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French singer Jean-Louis Murat in concert at the Georges Pompidou Cultural Center, in Vincennes, as part of the Festi'Val-de-Marne for the start of his new tour in October 2019. (SADAKA EDMOND/SIPA / SIPA)

On May 25, 2023, singer Jean-Louis Murat died at the age of 71 at his home in Auvergne, his region of heart and origin. The prolific artist, whose songs have left their mark on generations of fans, was unclassifiable and avoided conventions and a form of media coverage. An exceptional concert in Clermont-Ferrand, books and a discographic reissue will mark the first anniversary of his death.

If I were to miss you“, sang Jean-Louis Murat. La Coopérative de mai, scene of current music in the Auvergne town where the interpreter of At Mont Sans-Souci loved to perform, is offering a concert on May 25 with the participation of musicians close to him or admirers. JP Nataf (des Innocents), Alex Beaupain, Laura Cahen, Jeanne Cherhal, Morgane Imbeaud, Frédéric Lo and Florent Marchet are announced.

Éric Reinhardt and Laetitia Masson also present

I remember his instant charisma“, slips JP Nataf in the press release presenting this concert. “Jean-Louis is an affectionate gruff, there is only one Murat!“, he adds. For Jeanne Cherhal, Murat “represents both an incredible capacity for work, as well as a very sensitive and sensual sense of poetry“. The scenography will also highlight other distinguished guests, such as the journalist Pascale Clark, who worked closely with Murat, the writer and playwright Éric Reinhardt, who maintained a correspondence with the artist, and Laetitia Masson, director of Falling in Love Alaindocumentary about the album’s recording in Nashville The Ordinary Course of Things.

He was my soul mate, not in the family sense, in the existential sense“, explains Laetitia Masson. “His songs are a constant source of inspiration for my life and for my films. I dive in to feed, like a vampire into a tender neck“, continues the filmmaker. Éric Reinhardt relates having been welcomed with a “Ah, my brother in arms!“by the artist he came to greet for the first time after a concert. The writer greets”his immense historical erudition, his romantic stature, his rebellious non-conformism“.

Limited edition triple vinyl

Before this evening concert in Clermont-Ferrand, in the afternoon, a round table will be organized around the publication of two books. There will first be Days of the Jaguar, on April 18, published by Le Boulon, by Pierre Andrieu, journalist and music columnist (Plugged, Rock&Folk, New Noise…). Then will appear The Undone Link, on May 16, published by Séguier, by Franck Vergeade, music editor-in-chief of Les Inrockuptibles. Also note the release of Roman crowdon April 18, also published by Le Boulon, by Antoine Couder, radio producer on France Culture.

Fans and turntable owners will be watching for the appearance on May 24 of the limited edition triple vinyl (500 numbered copies) of Acacia scent in the garden, recorded in 2003 live and in a single take at the Guillaume Tell studio, near Paris. Until now, these songs only existed on DVD for this concert filmed by Don Kent.

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