Tribute | SARTEC inaugurates the Janette Bertrand room

The Society of Radio, Television and Cinema Authors (SARTEC) officially inaugurated the Janette Bertrand room this week. During an evening in her honor, the 97-year-old author was welcomed by members of the board of directors, authors and SARTEC employees.

“What an honor to be able to pay tribute to this great figure of Quebec culture! She has been a major influence for many of us, and her innovative work continues to inspire new generations of authors,” testified Chantal Cadieux, author and chair of the board of directors.

“It is a pleasure to listen to this charismatic woman tell us about her journey, her fights for rights which are acquired today thanks to people like her. It was important for us to find a way to recognize his great contribution to Quebec culture,” said SARTEC Director General Pauline Halpern.

A prolific author, seasoned communicator and beloved by the public, Janette Bertrand is particularly known for her work on television works such as You and me, What a family, Grandpaand Love with a capital A.

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