Travels to the four corners of the planet from the Gironde with Knowledge of the world

Hong-Kong, Antarctica, Morocco, the Alpilles, Venice, Al-Andalus and many more… here is a promising list of destinations to discover in the four corners of the globe. Notice to the curious and lovers of discovery, the sessions knowledge of the world
offer you a concentrate of escape and encounters.

Since 1947, Knowledge of the world makes you travel

On the screen, a film. On stage, the author

Since 1947, Knowledge of the World has presented films around destinations that the public discovers in the light of a look: that of the director or director. This is the strength of these meetings. Indeed, at the end of the projection, the spectators can discuss with the person who held the camera. Anecdotes, stories, exchanges… so many enriching moments to prepare for a next trip or quite simply to get away from it all and fill up on knowledge… of the world!

See the world differently from Gironde

Paul-Emile Victor, Antoine, Haroun Tazieff, Jean-Louis Etienne… Great explorers have already submitted their films toconnaissance du monde. And it continues! From now on, the technical means also make it possible to offer films and unique experiences. Several cinemas and cultural establishments take part in the Knowledge of the World cycles in Gironde: in Vendays-Montalivet, Arcachon, Bordeaux, Parempuyre, Biganos, Villenave d’Ornon, Saint André de Cubzac and in Haillan.

A season of encounters with Knowledge of the World in Gironde

Knowledge of the World screenshot

Next destination: Hong Kong!

Like a rock star, each film and its director go on tour. In Gironde, nine dates are offered for each film. The next one: Hong Kong! From 7 to 16 November 2022 (see dates according to the rooms
), director Robert-Emile Canat is about to take the viewer on a journey to the heart of the history of the Middle Kingdom. On the program: 156 years of history to discover on the big screen to go to this unique place in the world, where myth and reality have always mischievously merged.

Useful information

Knowledge of the world at Vendays-Montalivet (cultural hall), Arcachon (Ma.At), Bordeaux (CGR le Français and Mégarama), Parempuyre (Art Y show hall), Biganos (cultural space), Villenave d’Ornon (CGR ), Saint André de Cubzac (Monciné) and Haillan (the Warehouse)

Prices: from €6.80 (group) to €10 (full price). Subscription formula: 60€ (8 sessions)

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