“TPMP” mistakenly broadcasts images of a disabled mother and son when discussing “zombie drugs”!

For several months, the United States has been living a real nightmare. Indeed, more and more Americans are falling victim to the “zombie drug”: xylazine. And in recent days, many Internet users have claimed that this drug has landed on French soil.

Cyril Hanouna and the teams of TPMP have also released a video to show that the situation was becoming more and more dangerous in this regard. This Tuesday, September 12, 2023, the daily teams of C8 notably released a video in which we can see a mother and her son who are themselves victims of the devastating effects of xylazine.

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A drug that wreaks havoc

“It turns out that I worked on the subject for i24. And in fact, we went from 260 deaths in the United States to 3,480, it’s exponential. There are 100,000 people in the United States who are dying from “an overdose is more than from firearms. It’s still incredible. In Europe, for the moment, there is 1 death from overdose in Great Britain. They are trying to find antibodies that could prevent this problem. Because it creates necrosis and the skin falls into shreds.”indicated Valérie Benaïm following the broadcast of the video.

On X, formerly Twitter, many Internet users commented on this video, as well as another, expressing concern: “several cases resembling zombie drugs have been recorded in Rouen in recent days.” However, the video of the Rouen metro and the mother with her son would not correspond to a case of “zombie drugs”. Indeed, our colleagues from France 3 And Release carried out their investigation to prove it.

Fake news that deceived many people

France 3 indicates having contacted Bruno, a trader in the town of Darnétal, where the mother and her son were filmed. The trader explains: “I’ve been working here for four years, this lady always passes my shop with her son. It’s true that she has a different way of walking, but this is due to a loss of balance, a motor disability ”.

His testimony corresponds with that of a tattoo artist from Darnétal. “These people live at the end of my street, they live a quiet life and have never had a problem with this drug. They suffer from a neurological problem”he assured.

Regarding the subway video, it appears to be two drunk people, as the author of the broadcast sequence clarified: “I got into the metro, I was shocked at what happened, so I filmed. One of the two men had a bottle of alcohol in his hand, the second was completely drunk”. Even if this is not a case of “zombie drug”, this error makes it possible to prevent and perhaps avoid people consuming this substance if it one day arrives in France.


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