TPMP – “I had not put on underwear”, the very daring confidence of Delphine Wespiser

It was minus one for Miss France 2012! This Friday, June 24 in TPMP, Delphine Wespiser, currently in a relationship, surprised everyone by telling everyone that she accidentally undressed during a live Instagram a few years ago.

It was in summer, or during confinement itself. We’re a bit in pajamas, we’re not too careful. Well, in this case I was in a dress and I had not put on underwear because it was hot” she revealed at first. “I did my live, I posted it.” What she did not expect then was that one of her relatives alerted her to the content she had just shared: “My best friend sent me a screenshot and was like ‘That’s amazing! You really don’t look like you’ve got anything underneath’. I look and go ‘Oh shit’…” she continued, as columnists followed her story intently.

Obviously, Delphine Wespiser did not let the video hang out for too long, fooling her friend: “So I deleted my live, II said ‘No no, don’t worry. It’s an image error, it’s too funny. So no one ever knew anything, he saw it and maybe other people wondered” she concluded. An unexpected revelation, as this event went unnoticed, while the Alsatian has no less than 524,000 subscribers on her Instagram account.

In extremis !

This confidence did not come out of nowhere. Delphine Wespiser allowed herself to do so since the columnists had just debated the selfie of Maeva Ghennam’s mother, on which we see the star of reality TV totally naked in the background. A blunder that has made internet users react a lot in recent days, saddening the pretty brunette in passing. “She came to Paris, she is at my house, it really touched her“Agent Magali Berdah revealed on the show.

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