Tour de France: two monumental frescoes in homage to Louis Pasteur in the Jura

Two monumental portraits of Louis Pasteur are unveiled in the Jura for the passage of the Tour de France 2022, this Saturday July 9 for the Dole – Lausanne stage. This stage crosses the Jura, which this year celebrates the bicentenary of the birth of Louis Pasteur, father of microbiology and inventor of the rabies vaccine. The two frescoes are drawn in Dole, birthplace of the scientist, and Arbois, where he had his vacation home.

A portrait of 2.5 ha in Arbois

In Arbois, the portrait is made by the artist Pierre Duc, at the request of the Jura Departmental Council. He required about ten working days and spreads over 2.5 hectares. Cartoonist planted 1,500 flags in the field to compose his work and made it from degradable and organic materials (compost, chalk etc.).

The artist Pierre Duc made the portrait of Arbois.
Jack Varlet

In Dole, a huge portrait near the start of the stage

The other fresco is in Dole, at the Bobin stadium near the start of the Tour de France stage.

The portrait of Dole is on the Bobin stadium.
The portrait of Dole is on the Bobin stadium.
Geovrd Company

It was produced by the company Geovrd, for an order from the City of Dole. This 90 meter long portrait was drawn with biological paints. It is a few steps from the birthplace of Louis Pasteur.

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