totally surreal scene between Jean-Pierre Pernaut and the big boss of TF1, Vincent Lagaf’ witness who unpacks everything!

At 63, Vincent Lagaf’ can boast of having marked the viewers of the A. For several years, the presenter hosted countless popular shows such as “Le Bigdil” or “Le Juste Prix”. Thus allowing it (for some) to reach no less than “8000 euros” per day. A staggering salary that made him “going crazy” as he indicated for “Télé-Loisirs” last March. If for several years, the comedian has been more discreet in the media, he unleashed passions with his work entitled “My name was Frank”.

With his pen, Vincent Lagaf’ highlighted all the key moments of his life. To promote it, the star continues the interviews. This Tuesday, April 11, 2023, he also granted an exclusive interview to our colleagues from “Télépro”. During this exchange, the producer lifted the veil on his relationship with Patrick Le Lay, ex-CEO of TF1. According to his words, the latter could sometimes have heated exchanges with the great figures of his group.

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“He was arguing with the boss…”

With Patrick Le Lay, yeah, I say it, we almost came to blows. With Etienne Mougeotte next to him saying ‘gentlemen, gentlemen, calm down'”, confessed Vincent Lagaf’. And he was not the only one… On the contrary! “Jean-Pierre Pernaut, it was the same”, he added. “When Le Lay told him that smoking was forbidden in the offices, Jean-Pierre Pernaut said to him: ‘You go out the door or I’ll take you out the window’. It was cash”.

Patrick Poivre d’Arvor could also – from time to time – attract the wrath of Patrick Le Lay: “He took the lead with the boss and it ended in outbursts of voices”. However, Vincent Lagaf’ specifies that “no one has ever come to blows”. “‘Don’t talk to me like that’, it’s a sentence I’ve said a lot”, concluded dad Robin Rouïl. Visibly tense atmosphere…


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