Toronto and Calgary Amphitheaters | Amazon will launch its checkout-less service in stores

Sports fans in Toronto and Calgary will soon be able to avoid lines at arena store checkouts when purchasing supplies during games.

Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena and Calgary’s Scotiabank Saddledome will begin using technology from e-commerce giant Amazon that will allow sellers to make purchases without going through the checkout.

Using computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence, Amazon’s technology can track customers who enter a store with a credit card or debit card and understand when they pick up an item or put it back on the establishment’s shelves.

When finished shopping, consumers can simply leave the store with their items in hand, and Amazon will take care of posting their purchases to their credit card account and sending them their receipt.

This technology will begin use in Canada on September 29 at the Saddledome, for Market 213 customers.

It will then be launched on October 10 to visitors to Grains and Greens, on level 100 of Scotiabank Arena, as well as to those of Molson Market, on level 300.

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