Tootatis, influencer recently invited to “TPMP” has collected more than 2 million euros!

Since the emergence of social networks, new rather lucrative professions have emerged. Proof of this is with influencers who manage to earn nice sums of money in exchange for promoting certain products. But a few years ago, other platforms were born and made it possible to earn even more. MYM and OnlyFan are among the platforms in question and allow you to raise crazy sums by selling sexy photos or videos. Tootatis, who recently appeared on the set of TPMP with her friend Polska to denounce a restaurant which refused them for inappropriate dress has an account on the social network.

A few hours ago, a surfer was trying to find out how much she had managed to pocket so far. To which the young woman replied “without taboo” by revealing a snapshot of her account relayed by the TikTok user Snapchatred. He explains that she is “multimillionaire”. A few days ago, she had already sparked controversy following her publications, as the Internet user recalls.

Very lucrative business

“Good or bad idea to move in with a man in his house at 19 without being married? That the guy is a millionaire and already has all the staff at his house to do what a housewife would do. So he does not ask you effort just to be with him”, she had asked her community. However, a user asked him a question on a completely different subject. Namely: his salary.

Tootatis didn’t need to be asked and posted a screenshot of her MYM account in which it was possible to see that she would have received 2,168,325 euros! The young woman specified, in addition to that, that her account would have been created two years ago, on October 20, 2020. A colossal amount which is enough to make you dizzy.

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