To look smart at Saturday dinner

News moves quickly. A look back at the notable events of the week, just to give you a head start in time for your weekend dinners.


Taylor Swift in concert in Los Angeles last August

Unmissable Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift doesn’t just sell tickets and t-shirts: she has a real impact on the American economy. Firms estimate that the megastar could help increase the gross domestic product of the United States by $5 billion this year, our colleague Hélène Baril explained to us this week. A craze which, of course, leads to disappointments among her admirers who are unable to get their hands on tickets to see her in concert. No matter, the artist launched the film a few days ago Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, which draws spectators into the supercharged atmosphere of his tour. Another successful bet for the star, Marissa Groguhé tells us.


Studies show that a Quebec driver commits on average 700 violations of the Highway Safety Code per ticket received.

Dangerous while driving?

On the journey that takes us to work or to visit friends, there is a high probability of coming across a motorist along the way who is breaking the Highway Code. Are Quebecers dangerous while driving? Nicolas Bérubé asked the question to many experts. They are concerned to see more Quebecers injured or killed in road collisions in Quebec than in Ontario last year, even though Ontario has almost double our population. Some observers argue that the impression of never being caught breaking the rules leads us collectively to take more risks. For each report, a motorist would have previously committed… around 700 infractions.


Hamas militants celebrate in front of an Israeli tank at the Gaza Strip border fence, October 7, 2023.

The logic of Hamas

The functioning of Hamas, the organization responsible for the bloody attack perpetrated in Israeli territory on Saturday October 7, may seem complex if one has not closely followed the evolution of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. In a very informative analysis, journalist Jean-Christophe Laurence helps us to better understand the roots and objectives of this movement. A reading which also leads us to understand why a path towards peace will be particularly difficult to find.


Common Front demonstration at the foot of Mount Royal on September 23

When are the strikes?

Negotiations between Quebec and the unions which represent its thousands of employees are entering a more delicate phase, with strike votes increasing. This week, for example, the Common Front announced that its strike mandate received a “historic” 95% support from its members. Should we expect imminent walkouts? Prime Minister François Legault said he expected a “big strike on October 31”, which was not confirmed by union representatives… who instead held out the threat of work stoppages in November. The head of the office of The Press in Quebec, Tommy Chouinard, takes stock of the current talks.


The drug that scares restaurants

The growing popularity of Ozempic, the weight-loss drug, is causing concern in parts of the fast food industry. The phenomenon would even partly explain why the Montreal franchiser MTY – behind Mikes, Scores, Bâton Rouge, Thaï Express, Valentine and many other brands – saw its stock hit its lowest level in a year this week on the Toronto Stock Exchange. , says journalist Richard Dufour. The feared decline in long-term sales of certain companies, he writes, would be fueled above all by concern about seeing consumers eat less. Who would’ve believed that ?

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