Tissues and recycled paper, an eco-friendly solution

Why not use the thousands of bales of cardboard stored near the St. Lawrence River, in Beauharnois, near the Hydro-Québec power station, on Kruger company land?

Mr. Jean-François Nadeau offers us another excellent column on a current subject (“D’affreux braveux”, September 11). He tells us that “at least 17 trees must be felled… to produce each ton of paper intended to wipe excretions from the body.”

If you pass on the 132, you will notice piles of bales, for a long time… It seems to me that the companies which produce paper tissues should use them before an accidental fire reduces them to ashes. Ashes which will fly towards the river, upstream of the water sources of the city of Montreal.

Unfortunately, you will no longer be able to see the immense fleur-de-lis once painted on Hydro grounds. You will notice as you pass by in a rowboat on the river that the saga of the ocean boat to be demolished, without an owner, is not yet over.

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