this year it’s the jungle

“Vou take the bare minimum, we don’t wash.” This immediately set the tone for this trip in the middle of nature. A rather surprising novelty for this Miss integration trip to Guyana! Because it is indeed a trek in the junglewith the bare minimum of comfort, that the organizers of the competition miss France have concocted for the candidates this year.

Pee in the leaves!


And the least we can say is that it left its mark on them. “I am alive and well,” said Emma Grousset, Miss New Caledonia, ironically in front of our colleagues from TV Mag. And, to tell the truth, she’s hardly exaggerating! On the program for this miniversion of Koh Lanta : hiking, canoeing, climbing, abseiling, ziplining… Without forgetting the best, or the worst for some: a night under the stars! Sure, our beauty queens had hammocks to lounge on, but still. The princesses had no choice but to go pee in the middle of nature! When we know that they were in the middle of the Amazon forest, where friendly venomous species like scorpions, spiders, snakes live, this still imposes a form of respect. Already obliged to be beautiful, tall, thin, intelligent, smiling, sporty, altruistic and pleasant, now Miss France should be survival pros? Isn’t this pushing the requirements a bit far? Especially since the general knowledge test, a mandatory part of the Miss course, was also well received.

This year, for example, we asked the candidates on which hand The Thinker de Rodin rests his chin or how many starred restaurants there are in Burgundy! ChatGPT Just watch out! Not surprisingly, the results were very average. But don’t panic: whatever happens, none of these events will have as much importance in the eyes of the public as the swimsuit parade.

Aurélie Descoing

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