This special perfume advent calendar is creating a buzz on Tiktok… and it’s still available

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are getting lower and lower, the layers of clothing are increasing and Halloween is now behind us… There is no doubt, winter is coming!

Fortunately, this season, inevitably synonymous with cold weather, also marks the period of end-of-year celebrations which add balm to the heart, and in particular Christmas with its decorations, its lights and of course its trees prettily adorned with snowballs.

A holiday celebrated and appreciated in the four corners of the world… And luckily, Advent calendars are there to keep us waiting until D-day… And if you are a fragrance lover, that’s a good thing, has you covered. found the perfect advent calendar on TikTok and not just any one since it is a Adopt. A French brand creating perfumes for over 40 years which has set itself the objective of offering good value for money to all perfume aficionados.

A viral video

While every year, advent calendars Adopt quickly end up out of stock, those from 2023 are already enjoying great success on the Web. Indeed, when the brand’s TikTok account revealed these three new products via a video, the publication went viral, recording more than a million views even though the brand has fewer than 100,000 subscribers on this social network.

Our favorite calendar? “The essential”, an advent calendar which brings together perfumes, treatments and accessories all at the price of 69.95 euros.

Lisa Ziane

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