This promise that she is keen to keep with her former Star Academy comrades!

This Saturday, November 6, viewers were spoiled with the TV movie Murders at Marie-Galante on France 3, rugby, with the XV of France on France 2 and especially the second act of the 20 years of the star Academy on TF1. After Jenifer or even Jean-Pascal, make way for Nolwenn Leroy and his comrades in the second season.

A very good atmosphere reigned on the stage, which did not escape Nikos Aliagas. “Us, it’s not for TV. We have a real bond, we try to see each other as often as possible, because we don’t live in the same place in France, we try to tell each other that we at least have our little Christmas dinner every year. We at least try to maintain that “, declared the interpreter of Brazil Finistère. “With everyone’s schedule, it’s already not bad. And we have our great Whatsapp group,” she continued in front of the approving air of those who have become her friends.

They took the opportunity to send a message to one of the big absentees of the evening: “Aurélie (Konaté), barbecue at your place, we are waiting for you to organize it”.

The reasons for his absence

Several former figures from the second season were absent during this reunion evening: Raphaëlle Ricci, Jérémy Chatelain, Georges-Alain Jones or Aurélie Konaté. If her comrades had a thought for her, the actress did not fail to send a message on Instagram. “19 years ago, an incredible adventure called Star Academy was going to change my life forever,” she began her legend alongside a video where her promotion sang the song. Paris-Latino. “Tonight an anniversary bonus is broadcast on TF1 to celebrate the show’s 20th anniversary. I was unfortunately not there on the day of the anniversary bonus recording for planning reasons, but my heart was very present to him”, she explained to her community. “I love you and forever”. The latter was filming episodes of the soap opera Plus Belle La Vie.

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