this member of his family who became his manager… and it’s not his mother, Brigitte

Héléna Bailly is living a waking dream. Since his participation in the eleventh season of the
star Academy
, the young woman has become a true national phenomenon. Originally from Belgium, the semi-finalist, who had to lose to the winner Pierre Garnier, has just released this Friday, March 1st, her very first single called Aimée for real. Adored by fans of the program, who follow her en masse on her social networks (she is the second most followed candidate in the classahead of Lénie, but far behind Pierre), Héléna has just given an interview to Ciné-Télé-Revue in which she looks back on this crazy adventure.

If Héléna saw her life change completely by participating in the
star Academy
, the young woman however intends to keep her feet on the ground. Very attached to her family, the singer, who had to face the sudden loss of her grandmother in the middle of competition, has resumed her habits and her family routine, which she does not intend to put aside: “I go out with my friends to the same places as before. I don’t want there to be any changes for those around me. People stop me in the street, but I still know how to walk quietly. And anyway, the people who approach me are so nice.” assured the young woman.

“I slipped them some gossip”

Leaving the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys a little over a month ago, Héléna Bailly wanted to return to a life that could not be more normal. While she was expected the next day on the set of
the young woman spent her Sunday evening in the company of her brother and her sister-in-law: “I spent my first evening with my brother and his wife. I also saw my little nephew again! I was so happy. They told me everything I had missed. And I also slipped them some gossip. These family moments are precious to me she explained.

Better yet, Héléna Bailly chose a member of her family who is very dear to her to support her artistically. Indeed, the friend of Julien and Axel, who also unveiled their first opus this Friday respectively called Like everyone And Sung, decided to hire her sister-in-law as manager. A family job that the young singer values ​​more than anything, in order to stay attached to her roots, and keep her feet on the ground: “Today, those close to him are organizing themselves to support him as best as possible. His sister-in-law has even become his manager” our colleagues reveal. Let’s wish him the greatest success !

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