“This medal has a different flavor because it’s my last season,” said Nikola Karabatic, European champion for the fourth time.


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The Olympic guest: Nikola Karabatic

The Olympic guest: Nikola Karabatic – (FRANCE 3 / TLS / CIO)

France Télévisions – Sports Editorial

Visiting TLS on his return to France, the four-time European champion looked back on the adventure of the Blues at the Euro in Germany, and on his career in Blue.

He is now the most successful player in the history of French handball. Nikola Karabatic won the Euro handball tournament for the fourth time on Sunday January 28. With his three Olympic titles and his four world titles, the 39-year-old veteran has added a new line to his list of achievements since his first medal in Blue during the 2005 World Cup.

He who has been received by all successive presidents at the Elysée since 2003 looks back on the victorious adventure of the Blues in Germany, going through a mouse hole against Sweden before winning in overtime against Denmark in the final. He gives himself one last challenge before putting away the resin: participating in the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, and winning an Olympic title at home to end in style a career that began 22 years ago.

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