this mattifying roller capable of eliminating shine instantly … thrills all influencers!

Once again, a beauty product makes the whole TikTok panic! If you are prone to shine, especially after applying your foundation, here is a little gadget that will solve all your problems by mattifying the skin in the blink of an eye! In recent weeks, a Revlon brand product has been tearing up with influencers … quite simply because the result is stunning and instantaneous!

The Canadian star of Tik Tok, Alissia but also the American YouTuber Christine Abraham both tested the product by filming themselves to reveal in real time, the result and their reaction.

The same goes for our French makeup star, Sananas, who took part in the game and tried the famous roll-on, after finishing her beauty treatment. We notice in the videos that the skin matifies on contact with the passage of the tip. Something even better than mattifying bases and fixing powders which also have a mattifying effect and which generally prevent the foundation from shining too much.

Made from volcanic rock, this roller glides gently over the skin and absorbs excess sebum for an immediate matting effect. Reusable, it reduces the risk of redness and irritation and you just need to clean it and it is ready to be reused!


Wow frankly it’s great but you can only do a touch up after you have to wash it and let it dry ## fyp ## pourtoi

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Absorbent roll in volcanic stone – REVLON – € 14.95

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