this inexpensive C&A set is at the heart of a huge buzz on TikTok

It’s been several months since the “Clean Girl” trend literally invaded social networks and more particularly TikTok. Used millions of times, the hashtag #cleangirl displays videos capable of defining the phenomenon alone: ​​a girl since we are talking about a “girl” with a healthy and “aesthetic” lifestyle.
This is then characterized by a well-defined beauty routine : light and luminous makeup and impeccable hairstyle, namely a well-plated bun or perfect waves. As for the manicure, you have to choose between short nails carefully painted with red or black lacquer but most often nude… or slightly long nails, cut into an almond shape and covered with a pretty French manicure.
You would have understood it, the “clean girl”, which literally means “clean girl”, is a pro of minimalism, a fan of “Quiet Luxury” and favors aesthetic chic over ostentatiousness. And this obviously involves the way you dress! When she’s not getting ready to go out, the clean girl swears by the famous yoga sets or the lounge sets that we see everywhere at the moment. Know that there is currently a casual but chic and trendy set that is popular… after having created the buzz on TikTok, it is a set made up of flared leggings and a tight top off-the-shoulder shirt from the brand THAT


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Having become so popular, the set which in addition to being stylish, is very affordable has been a victim of success in certain colors but is still available in certain stores and on the brand’s e-shop.

Long-sleeved crop top – C&A – €9.99

Loose fit jersey pants – C&A – €15.99

Leggings – C&A – €15.99

Elisabeth Sall

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