“This guy would be great for…”, Vincent Niclo forever shocked by this statement from René Angélil, Céline Dion’s husband

Between Vincent Niclo

And Celine Dion

, love reigns. Indeed, the first is a big fan, like many people around the world, of the Quebec artist. It is also for this reason that he will honor him in the company of Anne Sila on February 29, March 1 and 2, 2024 at La Seine Musicale as part of the concerts Céline Symphonique.

Guest this Tuesday February 27, 2024 on Europe 1the 49-year-old singer returned to the relationship he has with the ex-partner of René Angélil and this sentence launched by the latter that he has never forgotten.

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Even Vincent Niclo makes mistakes on stage

“Have you ever messed up during a song on stage, where the audience noticed?”Pascal Praud first asked him when the unexpected events on stage were mentioned. “Oh yes”admitted Vincent Niclo before giving an example: “It’s like tennis if you hit a ball outside”.

The journalist, having no memory of a failure on the part of the singer, then asked him for some details. “You know, when you mess up, you learn. What’s great about voice is that you never have enough of a lifetime to learn. Even Celine Dion said it and confided in it. She said that she failed on All by myself. Because it’s a very difficult exercise and you just need to be tired or stressed and you can’t do it.”then continued the 49-year-old artist.

This phrase from René Angélil that he never forgot

Besides, Vincent Niclo has a special connection with All by myself. In 2012, in The Big Show special Celine Dion on France 2he had precisely performed the title of the Quebec artist, in front of her and millions of viewers. “I had the audacity to do it in front of her. And it actually changed my life. The director told me ‘turn around in front of her to make the note'”he remembered.

A challenge that the one who released his album perfectly met Celtic Opera on March 31, 2023 and which earned him the compliments of René Angélil, himself. “Completely crazy guy, it was in prime time, on a Saturday evening, for her (Céline Dion) big comeback, 5 million viewers, broadcast live (…) it changed my life. Because at the At the time, her husband René told her ‘this guy would be great to open for you’ in 2012.he remembered, still grateful to René and Celine Dion.


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