this cancer against which the actress was fighting

The world of cinema is losing one of its brightest stars. Wednesday September 27, 2023, Catherine Lachens died at the age of 78, her entourage announced to Agence France Presse. Figure of comedies of the 70s and 80s, the actress had been fighting cancer “for several months, in a Parisian hotel”indicated this same source.

An actress with an impressive career, Catherine Lachens has worked with many great directors from the start of her career. Georges Lautner, Yves Boisset and even Jacques Deray worked with the actress with a unique personality in the 70s and 80s.

An essential face of cinema seen in films like Cop or thug, I’m shy but I take care of myself, Cursed lawn, this woman, much appreciated by the public, starred alongside big names in French cinema. Francis Huster and Brigitte Bardot in The very good and very joyful story of Colinot shirt-case (1973), Jean-Paul Belmondo in The Incorrigible (1975), Philippe Noiret in Mr Albert (1976) or Alain Delon in Cop Story (1975)

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An appearance in “Scenes of households”

Rarer on the big screen since the 90s, Catherine Lachens still made an appearance on the small screen in 2013 for an episode of the series Scenes of households (M6). More recently, the actress also played a role in the comedy Full board worn by Franck Dubosc and Gérard Lanvin (2015).


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