“This But More”, Priori | The duty

Precious, this new album by Montreal electronic composer Francis Latreille, alias Priori, co-founder of label NAFF. Audacious too, in a sense: Latreille, purveyor of textured techno, moves away from the dance floor to listen to the inner worlds of ambient music, from Everything Forgotten Flows in the opening, all superimposed harmonies of strings and synthesizers. An almost electro rhythm quivers under the sound covers of Silicate Tusksis displayed more clearly house on Learn to Fly (which recalls, by the tempo and the female voice, the narcotic XTC of DJ Koze), Ruinsthe tension Thick Air and the gloomy Basalt Tones (collaboration with Jesse Osborne-Lanthier). Elsewhere, Priori tests the breakbeat with Like It Shouldn’tand up to drum’n’bass (superb Wakewith James K), but it is the rich contrasts of sound textures, the amber colors of the synth orchestrations, the space in which these musical landscapes unfold that bind these superb original compositions together.

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This But More


Priori, NAFF

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