this appalling threat from Hiromi Rollin launched at Anouchka Delon

On July 5, the children of Alain Delon filed a complaint against Hiromi Rollin, their father’s companion, for abuse of weakness. Since that date, the disturbing revelations about this sexagenarian who had helped the actor after his stroke in 2019, accumulate. Since 2021, Alain Delon has also presented this former assistant director as his companion and we note that she has also settled in Douchy in the Château de la Brûlerie where the actor has lived since 2006.

But why did the actor’s children come to accuse Hiromi Rollin of “moral harassment”, “misappropriation of correspondence”, “abuse of weakness” and even “sequestration of a vulnerable person”? It all started when the sixty-something tried to get rid of Loubo, the actor’s dog that he loves a lot. Subsequently, Hiromi Rollin would have tried to prohibit access to the residence of Douchy to Anouchka Delon, the only daughter of Alain Delon.

In the columns of Paris Match this Thursday, July 13, 2023, the story of the members of the clan gives us a new insight into what has been wrong for months in the daily life of Alain Delon. In February 2022 Anouchka had been alerted by her father. The latter complained about Hirmo who “yelled at him”. Thus, during a telephone conversation, the young woman hears an argument break out. Hiromi demands a marriage and asks that the actor “leave him something.”

Anouchka Delon tries to call her father back a few moments later but Hiromi grabs the phone and pretends that the actor has fallen asleep. Very quickly, the tone shows between the two women and Hiromi then forbids Anouchka from coming to visit her father. “She wishes to annihilate the past of our father and wants to appropriate a fantasy married life” says Anouchka who, alerted by the situation, immediately warns her big brother Anthony.

In January 2023, when the situation has worsened, Hiromi then balances in front of Anouchka the following sentence: “If Alain does not recognize me as his companion, I will say that he raped me”. The sexagenarian who gave her version of the facts through a long declaration, denies all these facts mentioned by Anouchka.


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