these Parisian high school students are unconvinced by the ban on smoking in front of schools

While the government announced on Monday the upcoming ban on smoking in front of all schools, high school students are unconvinced of the effect of this measure.


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Illustration (/NCY / MAXPPP)

An entire generation rid of cigarettes? At least that is what the government wants, which detailed its national plan to combat tobacco on Tuesday, November 28. Among the measures to remember: the 12 euro package in 2025 and “tobacco-free spaces” extended to beaches, parks and around all educational establishments. Schools are therefore concerned but also the areas surrounding high schools.

But in reality, those primarily concerned seem unconvinced by the ban. Juliette is in her final year in a Parisian high school: “It would be very good for it to demotivate people. For small smokers, it can work but for heavy smokers, that’s not the problem. We’ll just move one street and go smoke our cigarette a meter away. further away”she slips.

Keep bad odors away

At the gate of this public establishment in the south of Paris, we find mainly fruity-flavored puffs – soon to be completely banned for sale – but also some fans of real cigarettes: “It’s only been a month since I started!“I let myself be influenced by a friend and since then I fell into it”, Victoria explains.

Wassil, for his part, was not impressed: “I don’t like it. When you leave school, the smells are nauseating. The smell of cigarettes mixed with the smell of puffs is a little difficult to bear when leaving school after a long day. Afterwards, if they move away from high school, for me, there is no problem.” Mya completely approves of the ban: “Because we must not forget that even if we do not smoke, we are passive smokers.” The Minister of Health is considering fines in the event of non-compliance.

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