“There is obviously still uncertainty related to his health”, announced in a new festival, Florent Pagny faced with doubts?

Florent Pagny’s state of health continues to worry those close to him… And for good reason, after announcing in June 2022 that he was in remission, last winter, a few months later, the artist suffering from cancer in the lung revealed to be the victim of a relapse of the disease pushing him to have to follow a new treatment in France… “I would have preferred to be there laughing, swinging valves and telling you ‘It’s fine, it’s nickel, nothing has come back!’ But this is not the case. It sucks. I can’t lie either. It’s not the scenario we were hoping for.” he had confided to Audrey Crespo-Mara… Not very reassuring news, fortunately, the last appearances of the former juror of “The Voice” seem to have put balm in the heart of his many fans.

And for good reason, after giving an interview to the program “Sept à Huit” (TF1) broadcast on March 5, the interpreter of “Savoiraimer” appeared smiling on the arm of his wife during Paris fashion week a few days later.

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Featured in a new festival

Another reassuring sign, Florent Pagny is on the bill at many festivals this summer. After having canceled his tour in 2022 due to his cancer, the singer intends to take his revenge this year and go to meet his audience throughout France! The proof, Florent Panny will perform on the stage of twelve festivals… or rather thirteen! Indeed, this Thursday, March 30, 2023, the fair of Châlons-en-Champagne announced that the name of the interpreter of “My freedom to think” was added to the list which already includes many former jurors of “The Voice” (TF1) like Mika, Louis Bertignac or even Jenifer…

Be careful though, our colleagues from theis lightning specify that the presence of Florent Pagny “obviously remains an uncertainty linked to his health”… But for the time being, the name of the artist is well and truly on the program of this festival which will take place from September 1st to 11th.


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