“There is no reason to censor a priori a government which has not yet announced anything,” says RN Jean-Philippe Tanguy

The Ministry of Education is a “long-term” ministry, however, notes the MP who criticizes the “irresponsibility” of Gabriel Attal for being involved in it so briefly.


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Jean-Philippe Tanguy, National Rally deputy for the Somme, January 10, 2024 on France Inter.  (FRANCE INTER / RADIO FRANCE)

“There is no reason to censor a priori someone who has not yet announced anything”, estimates Wednesday January 10 on France Inter Jean-Philippe Tanguy, National Rally deputy for the Somme, while La France insoumise threatens to table a motion of censure against the next executive if it does not seek the confidence of Parliament. The RN deputy explains that his party has not yet made a decision. “I don’t think the French want us to censor a priori a government which has not yet done or announced anything”insists Jean-Philippe Tanguy.

Jean-Philippe Tanguy doubts that a vote of confidence will take place in the National Assembly, given “the political configuration” which did not change with the redesign. The appointment of Gabriel Attal to Matignon does not lead, according to the RN deputy, “no votes”, “no new MPs to expand the majority” presidential. The National Rally deputy criticizes Emmanuel Macron’s decision to appoint Gabriel Attal as Prime Minister. He thinks that the latter “will turn out to be a placebo Prime Minister”. “He spent a short enough time at each position for us to realize that he was competent,” castigates Jean-Philippe Tanguy. He believes that at the head of the executive, Gabriel Attal “will be overtaken by events and will have to be held accountable.”

If he “greet” some decisions taken by the one who was until now Minister of National Education, the deputy RN wishes above all to recall that these measures “were the [siennes]”. “When it puts an end to the single college, which was a taboo of the French system, which we have supported for 30 years; when he experiments with the uniform, notably in Perpignan with Louis Aliot, we support him”, he adds. Jean-Philippe Tanguy warns that “National Education is a long-term ministry”. Accusing Gabriel Attal of having “chose not to assume this long-term ministry”he even sees “proof of irresponsibility”.

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