“There is no longer any respect for health structures”, denounces the head of MSF mission in the Palestinian territories

A strike on a hospital on Tuesday, attributed to Israel by Hamas, left hundreds dead. In a statement, the Israeli army denies being behind this strike and attributes it to the Palestinian organization Islamic Jihad.


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“We really have the impression that there is no longer any respect for health structures”, denounced Léo Cans, head of mission of Médecins sans frontières (MSF) in the Palestinian territories, Tuesday October 17 on franceinfo, after the destruction of a hospital in Gaza by a strike that left several hundred dead, according to the ministry of the Health of the Palestinian Territory. Hamas blamed the Israeli army for the strike, while Israel attributes this destruction to a failed rocket attack by Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

“During the attack that hit this hospital, there was an MSF doctor working in the operating room”explained Léo Cans, who said to himself “horrified”.

“You should know that from the beginning, civilians have sought shelter in hospitals in Gaza.”

Léo Cans, MSF head of mission in the Palestinian territories

at franceinfo

“Since the start of the war, we have seen that hospitals have been deliberately targeted several timescontinues Léo Cans. Nothing justifies such an attack on a hospital. There is no more warning in the bombings so the bombs fall”. “Some hospitals are operating on patients without anesthesia and nothing can justify this”concludes the MSF member.

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