“There is no debate”, Matthieu Lartot not really delighted to see Léa Salamé and Michel Drucker pass him in front

What games! This is the code name of the talk event that France Télévisions will offer during the broadcast of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, and which will be co-hosted by Michel Drucker and Léa Salamé. The host, who will celebrate his sixty years of career on this occasion (he began his career in public service commenting on the 1964 Olympic Games), will team up with the woman who succeeds in everything on France 2, and who is a hit every Saturday evening with What an era. Throughout the summer, at the end of each day, they will offer this talk which will discuss the challenges of the day, and the journey of the French at the Olympics. But internally, the announcement of Michel Drucker and Léa Salamé as embodying this program was very poorly received by the sports department…

Indeed, sports broadcasts are usually overseen by the France Télévisions sports department. For example, Laurent Luyat usually hosts broadcasts of Roland-Garros as well as the Tour de France, just like Matthieu Lartot comments on rugby broadcasts. In an interview he gave this Friday, December 1, 2023 to L’Équipe, journalist Matthieu Lartot returns to this appointment which created some chuckles within France Télévisions, and does not hide his own frustration at the idea of not to be the host of this sports talk: “When you are a sports journalist at France Télé, the biggest event arrives and that the flagship show is not entrusted to you, of course there is frustration.”

They denounced Drucker and Salamé to the management

Matthieu Lartot and his colleagues did not hesitate to step up to the plate, and voiced their discontent to the management of France Télé, but unfortunately for them, the choices of Michel Drucker and Léa Salamé proved irrevocable: “We reported this to our management. Léa Salamé and Michel Drucker are great professionals, there is no debate. It’s just that the sports editorial team would have liked to be as involved in this talk…” regrets the one who will nevertheless oversee Stage 2, which will return every Sunday to this masterful event. “When I see the list of events, I understand that many journalists would like to be in my place. I take it with great appetite” concluded who made his comeback on France 3 a few weeks ago after being absent for health reasons.

Reached of a recurrence of his knee cancerMatthieu Lartot actually had to undergo an amputation last spring, to prevent his synovialosarcoma from becoming widespread. In this regard, the 44-year-old journalist gave reassuring news: “Today, I am part-time therapeutic, at 60%. In January or February, I will perhaps switch to 80% and a little later to 100%”.

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