“There is a problem with the rule of law”, denounces the former minister Corinne Lepage

While the bill establishing the vaccine pass was validated Friday by the Constitutional Council, the co-president of Cap ecology Corinne Lepage persists in seeing it “a problem with the rule of law“. For the former Minister of the Environment of Jacques Chirac, “vaccinated three times“, this pass makes mandatory “disguised“vaccination and”can last as long as the government wants it to last“.

franceinfo: There is no duration of application of the vaccination pass. Is that what bothers you?

Corinne Lepage: I am a lawyer and I like there to be specific things in the texts. There, there is no form of rule. It can last as long as the government wants it to last. It is even the health defense council, covered by the most absolute secrecy, which will decide when we will remove this vaccination pass, which is still a means of controlling our fellow citizens. I think there is a problem with the rule of law, I say that very clearly. The Constitutional Council is aware of this since it says it will have to stop as soon as possible, but in law it means nothing.

This pass also poses a problem since, in your opinion, it makes vaccination compulsory?

The Constitutional Council says that it is not compulsory so as not to have to answer the question, Olivier Véran says that it is almost obligatory, our fellow citizens know very well that it is almost obligatory, so that too poses a problem with the rule of law. I repeat, these vaccines are not definitively authorized. They will not be until 2023. We are in vaccines which are in the intermediate phase, at the end of the experimental phase. For these vaccines, all international legislation provides that the patient’s free and informed consent is required, which is therefore not mandatory.

Isn’t it worth it even to fulfill a public health objective?

I’m thinking purely about respect for the rule of law because I think it’s something essential. Convince people to get vaccinated, yes, of course. Once again, I tell you, I am vaccinated three times. My problem is respect for the rule of law. When you don’t have the right to make something obligatory, you don’t make it obligatory in a disguised way.

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