“There are still a lot of prejudices about HIV-positive people,” regrets director and former Act Up activist Robin Campillo

The director of the film “120 beats per minute” speaks on franceinfo on Friday, to mark the start of the thirtieth edition of Sidaction.


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Director Robin Campillo, in September 2023. (ANDER GILLENEA / AFP)

“There are still a lot of prejudices about people who are HIV positive or living with HIV”regrets Friday March 22 on franceinfo Robin Campillo, director of the film 120 beats per minute released in 2017, in which he discusses his years of activism in the Act Up Paris association. The 30th edition of Sidaction begins Friday March 22 and will last until Sunday. Currently in France, 200,000 people are living with HIV.

Robin Campillo regrets these prejudices all the more because “revolutions in treatment and prevention” have taken place since the start of the fight against AIDS. He then returns to his first years as an activist: “When we were at Act Up we would never have imagined that one day we would arrive at treatments like those of today and all of these tools that we currently have.”

Asked whether we have made progress, he answers: “I thought we had progressed but when I see the figures from associations or Sidaction on the ignorance that has returned” he admits to having doubts. For him, we must continue to communicate: “The less communication there is, the more ignorance returns.”

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