their show canceled and embarrassment when discussing “the affair”!

Muriel Robin continues to make ink flow… While her comments on homophobia in the world of cinema in What an era! continue to be talked about, several weeks after her on-air statements, the actress is back in the news!

The reason ? Monday October 2, 2023, Anne Le Nen’s companion will be starring in a TV film entitled Eyes Wide Closed (TF1). An event fiction on the theme of incest, a cause close to the heart of Anne Le Nen’s partner.

During an interview given to West France a few days before the release of the feature film, Muriel Robin spoke on the subject: “We must listen to these children, help them break the silence and find solutions. We must also listen to the mothers. Often, when they speak, it is said that they are taking revenge on their ex-partner, which they are inventing. […] We have to stop with this. It does a lot of damage.”

A return to the small screen which will not stop with the broadcast of this TV film since Muriel Robin is already starring in a new fiction
titled MasterCrimes. So many projects that the actress came to defend on the set of Click this Friday September 29, 2023… And not only that!

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A palpable unease

During his interview with Muriel Robin, Mouloud Achour asked Muriel Robin if her show in preparation with Nicolas Bedos was still relevant while the man has been the subject of an investigation for rape and sexual assault since July 2023.

“No, not at all anymore. It’s over, it’s part of the past,” she declared. And to add:“In the meantime, I have really written a new book. I am no longer the same. The scene, alone, I will perhaps return there. But not in the same way, because this girl like that (she squeezes jaw.) I did everything to make her go away because she tired me a little. But she was tough because we were tough with her. It wasn’t easy (…). And then it made people laugh, it was an aggression that was ultimately that of everyone, which is why we didn’t just want to slap her.” she concluded.


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