the YouTuber breaks the taboo on baldness and reveals having had a hair transplant

Followed by over 18 million people on YouTube, Squeezie is undoubtedly one of the most influential content creators on the platform. He is also the most followed French-speaking YouTuber and his success is clearly not about to stop. More than ten years after his debut, the young man known for his conceptual videos which tackle different subjects, reveals himself through a documentary which takes us behind the scenes of his busy life as a videographer. Baptized “Thank you Internet”this film has been available for a few days on Prime Video and delights his most loyal fans.

At the end of this documentary which tells his success story, Squeezie real name Lucas Hauchardtalks about his appearance, which is often important when you are a content creator on social networks, and reveals having had a hair transplant on the advice of his friend Mister V, also a renowned videographer.

Squeezie and his new look: the YouTuber breaks the taboo of baldness
Like Cédric Grolet, Adil Rami, Hugo Philipp and Thibaut Garcia, Squeezie went to one of the most prestigious institutes in Paris, Maison Lutétia, to start the transplant process. The images in the documentary show it in the midst of the implementation phase, and the most astute will have recognized the Maison Lutétia logo on the doctor’s medical coat. We note that the institute also offers cutting-edge treatments and protocols to enhance the skin and aesthetic medicine.

By talking about this hair transplant, the 28-year-old YouTuber lifts the taboo on baldness which nowadays affects 30% of men aged 30, and 50% of men aged over 50.

Hair transplant: on the DHI method, Direct Hair Transplant
Practiced at Maison Lutétia, the DHI (Direct Hair Transplant) method is a non-invasive grafting technique, without incision and gentle on the scalp. Based on fundamental respect for the donor area, this process allows you to obtain natural results, with a regrowth rate close to 100%. The patient finds hyperdensified hair, without over-removal from the donor area… Which allows a second hair transplant in the event that baldness progresses.

Elisabeth Sall

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